Oil Pulling

It was difficult at first but after a month I have not only become used to it, it’s become habitual. Every morning before drinking anything I do this.

1 tbsp of coconut oil

Bite on the oil until it melts in your mouth. swoosh the oil around in your mouth as you would mouth wash. For the first two weeks do it for ten minutes. Once you are comfortable with the thick substance in your mouth do it for twenty minutes. It’s gross!!! If you have a strong gag reflex do a tsp at a time and do it for five minutes then spit, wash your mouth and repeat two more times.

Be sure not to swallow!!! Yeah yeah… Also remember to wash your mouth well after. Once I was I drink a 12 oz glass of water.

Why I do it? White teeth, fresher breath, cleaner mouth… reason enough? No? Weight loss.


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