Sarsaparilla, Coffee Enemas

Sarsaparilla root and coffee? Why… well according to the Gerson Therapy the coffee enema stimulates the liver. Why add the sarsaparilla? It cleans the blood. I also find the smell more enjoyable to the smell of coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker.

Dr Gerson suggests laying on the right side with legs pulled up in a comfortable position. I boil a litter of steam distilled water then add two tbsps of fresh ground coffee and one tbsp of sarsaparilla root. I get my root from Frontier. It’s cut up nicely. I boil the combination for fifteen minutes then let rest for another fifteen minutes with a lid on it. Then I strain it and pour into a glass craft. Once it’s cool to the touch I go to the bathroom. If you’re interested there are sites to go into the details. I won’t.


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