Skin Problems come from Internal problems. 

A frustrating attack of adult acne has hit me hard! I’ve always had occasional acne, but in 2010 I started getting it all the time! I was frustrated, irritated and confused. I tried everything over the counter, though I knew not to touch big pharma shit as it’s shit! Then I learned my poor habits and choices were the cause. I was eating poorly, smoking cigarettes and overstressing about business. It took two years to learn that I was the cause of my own skin inflammation. Going all organic was the first step. It hurt the pockets, but I had to do it. The next step was to quit smoking. Fifteen years of the nasty habit was causing large cysts on my cheeks and jawline. I finally managed to quit after a two-year struggle.

Then came the hardest choice: to reduce my stress. I used reinforcements. Since sex was not as frequent as I needed, it came down to roots, barks and herbs for me. I went to Chrysanthemum, Astragalus, Bupleurum Root and Rhodiola Root. Then to clean the liver. The dirty liver was causing the jawline acne. I used Sarsaparilla and Dr. Gerson’s Therapy recommended juices. I also started coffee enemas. I know, I know: eww!!! To my surprise, it wasn’t too bad. It was easy and didn’t feel dirty at all. Of course it’s time consuming, but my skin is worth the time.


Also think. Are you constipated? Don’t shit three times a day? You’re constipated! Are you clean? There is bacteria all over your face. If you don’t change your pillow case everyday or at least put a new towel down every night you are laying on bacteria that sat there all day and multiplied. Add that to the nasty bacteria on your face and it’s a bacteria party! Think clean! I know, I know going to sleep with a dirty face is on the list of acne myths. Bullshit! So stupid, obviously, if I have a dirty face it’s going to give me more dirt to clog my already sensitive pores.

Is it hormonal? I won’t use Dong Quoi or Black Cohosh unless I need to terminate a pregnancy. They create cysts in people who are prone to them. Who knew, I was confused… I thought they balance the hormones. Nope! Only for older womiin. You know if you need some estrogen help. They are where to go. I use Maca, Chlorella and sea weed. I like Sea’s Gift Organic Korean Seaweed on Amazon. Yum! It’s also great for growing thick healthy hair!


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