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Candida Free Body

To clear your skin from candida you will need dandruff shampoo to wash areas where fungus has run rampant. Once dry massage grapefruit seed oil on infected areas. Also dry brushing. Dry brushing is great for many things as listed on these sites.


Daily Drink for Candida

 Tea, 4 8 oz glasses a day at least 

  1. 1 cup burdock root 
  2. 2 cups red clover blossoms
  3. 2 cups cleavers herb 
  4. 2 cups  Chrysanthemum 
  5. 4 cups Red Clover 

Bring two liters of steam distilled water to a boil. Add burdock root and cover. Allow to boil for five minutes. Turn down to low and cook another ten minutes. Add herbs, cover and let sit overnight. Strain and drink cold or warm. Do not microwave if you want it warm!