I love grain! It’s sweet, chewy, yummy and keeps me regular. Unfortunately most grains are GMO (genetically modified big agriculture garbage) I won’t eat it! The only grains I approve of are listed bellow.


Rye (often GMO unless specified)



Gluten free


Corn (always GMO unless otherwise specified)

Wild Rice (I don’t eat store bought brown rice)


Sorghum (This is indigenous to the Americas. Eat lots of it)


gluten free oats (there is a difference, it’s in the cutting).

Did you just ask yourself why I didn’t list Quinoa? It’s so healthy!!! So yummy!! So unethical!! The South American indigenous people have to change their diet because greedy first world citizens pay over $7.00 a pound for it. I won’t eat it! (I’m not always ethical, I pick and choose when I should be).


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